Senior Professor of Art, L.I.U.-Post, Long Island, NY                                    
2008-11                                                                                                                       Professor of Art, L.I.U.-Post Campus, Long Island, NY
2006-08                                                                                                                      Assistant Dean, School of Visual and Performing Arts, L.I.U.-C.W. Post Campus, Long Island, NY           
2005-06                                                                                                                          Acting Associate Dean, School of Visual and Performing Arts, LIU-C.W. Post Campus, Long Island, NY           
2001-05                                                                                                              Professor of Art, LIU - Southampton College, Long Island, NY          
1996-01                                                                                                             Associate Professor of Art, L.I.U. – Southampton College, L.I., NY
1988-96                                                                                                            Assistant Professor of Art, L.I.U. - Southampton College, Long Island, NY

The Space Between, Exhbitor and Guest Curator.  Cavin-Morris Gallery, NYC

Natural Abstraction.  Cavin-Morris Gallery, NYC

NCECA Annual, BelongingCrocker Museum, Sacramento, CA

2021CraftForms, Wayne Art Center, Wayne, PA.  USA

11th Annual Clay International, Vulcan Gallery, Workhouse Art Center, Lorton, VA. USA

Clay Center of New Orleans Sculpture National 2021, Clay Center of New Orleans, LA, USA

National Clay Competition.  Epperson Gallery of Ceramic Art, Crockett, CA. USA

Structured.  Textile Center, Minneaplois, MN; in collaboration with the NCECA conference, Claytopia. USA

CICA.  39 Concurs Internacional de Cerà€mica.  Museo de Cerà€mica de l'Alcora, Spain.

Made in Talavera / Hecho en Talavera.  Museo de Ceramica Ruiz de Luna, Talavera, Toledo, Spain

XIII Bienal Internatctional de Ceramica.  Museu de Ceramica de Manises, (Valencia), Spain

Fahrenheit 2018 Biennial.  The American Museum of Ceramic Art, Pomona, CA. USA

Of Art and Craft.  Flinn Gallery, Greenwich CT. USA

All Things Considered: Basketry in the 21st CenturyNational Basketry Organization Juried Biennial; American Art Company, Tacoma, WA. USA

All Things Considered: Basketry in the 21st Century.  Traveling Exhibition, Sally D. Francisco Gallery, Layton, NJ; Society of Arts +Crafts, Boston, MA. USA

Woven World: Seclections from Cavin-Morris Gallery, Schick Art Gallery, Skidmore College, NY. USA

2016                                                                                                Interconnections: The Language of Basketry.  Hunterdon Art Museum, Clinton, NJ.  Guest Curator: Carol Eckert. USA

Earth Skin. Cavin-Morris Gallery, Chelsea, New York, NY. USA

Vortex with Gold Line Series: Solo Exhibition.  Lois Lambert Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

Hot Pots. Clay Art Center, NY. Guest curator: Judith Schwartz, Ph.D. USA

2015                                                                                                                Two-Person Exhibition.  Santa Fe Clay, NM. USA

Recycle.  Brooklyn Waterfront Artist Coalition, Red Hook, Brooklyn. Juror: Elissa Goldstone. USA

2014                                                                                                                        4th International Triennial of Silicate Arts: New Energy - Kecskemet, Hungary

Sienza Tiempo.  C.R.E.T.A. Gallery, Rome, Italy

Elementals: Women Sculpting Animism.  Cavin-Morris Galler, Chelsea,  New York, NY

PraiseSongs for the Numinous - New Sculpture at Cavin-Morris.  Cavin-Morris Gallery, Chelsea, New York, NY

2013                                                                                                                     "Structure" National Juried Exhibition - ARC Gallery, San Francisco, CA. USA

Art in Clay - Brooklyn Waterfront Artist Coalition, Red Hook, NYC. USA

AGCA National Glass and Clay Exhibition - city of Brea Gallery, CA. USA

Cavin-Morris Gallery, "Restless II," New York, NY. USA

Metro Show, represented by Cavin-Morris, New York, NY

2012                                                                                                                       2nd Annual Workhouse Clay National Ceramics Exhibition - McGuireWoods Gallery, Workhouse Arts Center, Lorton, VA

2011                                                                                                                     3rd International Triennial of Silicate Arts: Century 21 - Kecskemet, Hungary

Infinity Nets: Solo Exhibition.  Dubhe Carreno Gallery, Chicago, IL

Inaugural Naples Contemporary Crafts Exhibition - Longstreth Goldberg Art, Naples, FL

9th International Biennial of Ceramics
– Museu de Ceramica de Manises, Spain

Vortices: Solo Exhibition.  Lois Lambert Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

3XExtraordinary.  Celadon Gallery, Water Mill, New York

EnDangered.  Gloria Kennedy Gallery, DUMBO, Brooklyn, NY

2008                                                                                                             ClayMates.  James Patrick Gallery, Wiscasset, ME.  Guest Curator: Judith Schwartz, PhD.        
Sidney Myer Fund International Ceramic Award (short listed) – Shepparton Art Gallery, Australia. 

4th  World Ceramic Biennale 2007 – Icheon World Ceramic Center, Korea

Small Works Invitational.  Guangdong Ceramic Museum, Shiwan, China

World Women: On the Horizon – Baltimore Clayworks Gallery, Baltimore, MD. 

Viewpoint Ceramics 2006 – Hyde Art Gallery, Grossmont College, CA

Basket Invitational.  Snyderman-Works Galleries, Philadelphia, PA

First International Taiwan Ceramic Biennale – Yingge Ceramic Museum, Taipei, TW

Basket Invitational.  Snyderman-Works Galleries, Philadelphia, PA

Select Works from the Permanent Collection.  Grossmont College Hyde Art Gallery, El Cajon, CA

Women on the Edge.  R. Duane Reed Gallery, St. Louis, MO

Grant Recipients Invitational.  Watershed Center for Ceramic Arts, ME

Clay National – St. Petersburg Clay Co.  (accepted work unavailable).

Ceramics 2003 – Guilford Handcraft Center, Connecticut.

5th Internacional Biennal de Ceramica – Museu de Ceramica, Manises, Spain

Ceramics: Viewpoint 2002 National Competition – Grossmont College Hyde Gallery, CA. 

The Fourteenth San Angelo National Ceramic Competition-San Angelo Museum of Fine Art, TX

Out of Line.  Buckham Gallery, Flint, MI

Altech 2000 International Ceramic Biennale – Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa

Textures.  Art Sites Gallery, Greenport, NY

Group Exhibition.  Red Barn Atelier, Southampton, NY

Blue Partita II: Installation, Solo Exhibition.  The Clay Studio, Philadelphia, PA

Tools” – The Clay Studio, Philadelphia, PA

Blue Partita I: Installation.  Southampton College Fine Arts Gallery, NY

International Invitational Ceramic Symposium Exhibition – State Museum of Painting and Sculpture, Izmir, Turkey 

Fletcher Challenge Ceramic Award – Auchland Museum, New Zealand

Recent Works: Solo Exhibition.  The Clay Art Center, Port Chester, NY

49th International Ceramic Art Competition – Museo Internazionalle della Ceramize, Faenza, Italy

Materials: Hard and Soft – Center for the Visual Arts, Greater Denton Arts Council, TX.  

Tenth Annual San Angelo National Ceramic Competition, San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts, TX.  

XIV Biennale Internationale de Ceramique D’Art – Chateau Musee de Vallauris, France

Recent Works: Solo Exhibition.  The Nancy Margolis Gallery, New York, NY

Here and Now - Long Island Craftsman's Guild Invitational.  Firehouse Gallery, Nassau C.C., NY

Fletcher Challenge Ceramic Award – Auchland Museum, New Zealand

NCECA Clay National,  San Diego Museum of Art, CA.  
NCECA Traveling Exhibition

Eight Annual San Angelo National Ceramics Competition, San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts, TX.

Cheltenham Clay Guild Invitational.  Cheltenbam Center for the Arts, PA.

“Animal, Vegetable, Mineral”, Tempe Arts Center, Tempe, AZ

Sixth Annual Great Lakes National, Lill Street  Gallery, Chicago, IL.

New Generation’92.  Elaine Benson Gallery, Bridgehampton, NY

Sixth Annual Monarch Tile National Ceramic Competition, San Angelo Museum of Fine Art, TX.  

“tile, tile, tile, show”, Luckenbach Mill Gallery, Bethlehem, PA

Great Lakes States Works of Clay, Buckham Gallery, Flint, MI.  

The 1991 Wichita Craft National, Wichita Center for the Arts, KS. 

Contemporary Craft.  Guild Hall Museum, East Hampton. NY                                         

25th Annual Octagon National Exhibition, Octagon Center for the Arts, Ames, IA. 

The Eternal Vessel National Ceramic Competition, Northfield Gallery, IL

Fifth Annual Monarch Tile National Ceramic Competition, San Angelo Museum of Fine Art, TX.  Traveling Exhibition – Kennedy-Douglass Center for the Arts, AL

The Tea Pot Show, The Temporary Contemporary Museum Store MoCA, L.A., CA                       
Alumni Show.  Calkins Gallery, Hofstra University, NY

Sea, Sky and In-between.  Elaine Benson Gallery, Bridgehampton, NY

Artist Residency Grant.  Talavera de la Reina, Toledo, Spain.  Funded by the Talavera City Council

2014                                                                                                                          Artist Residency.  C.R.E.T.A. - Rome

2013                                                                                                                 Residency Grant.  Hambidge Center for the Creative Arts.  Rabun Gap, GA

2012                                                                                                               Fellowship.  Women's Studio Workshop.  Rosendale, NY

2011                                                                                                                   Grant.  Valparaiso Foundation Residency.  Mojacar, Spain

2010                                                                                                                      Artist Residency / Invitee: Nemzetkozi Keramia Studio (International Ceramic Studio), Hungary/Joe Bova Symposium 

2009-2010                                                                                                             Artist in Residence - Museum of Arts and Design Open Studios Program

2008                                                                                                                       Artist Residency Grant.  Artist Enclave at I-Park.  East Haddam, CT

2007                                                                                                                   Honorable Mention – 4th World Ceramic Biennale 2007, Korea

Guest Artist.  Guangdong Shiwan  Ceramic Museum Artist Residency and Wood-firing Conference Invitation.  Shiwan, China

2006                                                                                                                  Professional Artist Residency in Ceramics, Ox-Bow, MI

2002                                                                                                                  Honorable Mention – Ceramic Viewpoints National Ceramic Competition, Hyde Gallery, Grossmont College, CA

2000                                                                                                                     TASA - Long Island University Trustees’ Award for Scholarly Achievement

1999                                                                                                                        Guest Artist.  International Ceramic Symposium.  Doku Eylul University, Izmir, Turkey

1997                                                                                                                       Artist in Residence Grant from Standard Ceramic Supply Co.  Watershed Center for Ceramic Art.  ME 

1994                                                                                                                  Medaille D’Or – XIV Biennale Internationale de Ceramic D’Art, Vallauris, France

1992                                                                                                                    Visiting Artist Grant – Japanese/American Young Artist Festival, Shionoe, Japan

Artist Talk.  Talavera de la Reina, Spain.

2015                                                                                                                          Artist Talk.  Santa Fe Clay Gallery, NM

Artist Talk.  Clay Forum IV - Pecha Kucha, New York Universtiy

2014                                                                                                                              Artist Talk.  C.R.E.T.A. Gallery.  Rome, Italy.  Residency: June 2014
Workshop: Interlacing with Clay - Process and Concept.  C.R.E.T.A.-Rome, Italy

2013                                                                                                                     Artist Talk.  "Talks by Artists" 7th Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale 2013.  Korean Ceramic Foundation (KOCEF)

2012                                                                                                                       Guest Curator: Watershed Kiln Gods.  Baltimore Clayworks, Baltimore, MD

2010   Artist Talk.  Nemzetkozi Keramia Studio (International Ceramic StudioJ Joe        Bova Symposium.  Hungary


American Museum of Ceramic Art (AMOCA), Pomona, CA, U.S.A.
Museu de Ceramica de Manises, Spain
Talavera de la Reina City Council, Talavera, Toledo, Spain
Icheon World Ceramic Center, Korea
Guangdong Ceramic Museum, Shiwan, China
LongHouse Foundation, East Hampton, NY.  U.S.A.
Museu de Ceràmica de L’Alcora, Spain
Ruiz de Luna Museo de Ceràmica, Talavera, Spain
Doku Eylul University, Izmir, Turkey
Private Collections

2010 - present                                                                                                          Trustee - The Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts, ME. USA
2004 - 2010                                                                                                             Board Member, Advisory Board - The Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts, ME. USA

1984                                                                                                                       M.F.A. in Ceramics – L.I.U.- C.W. Post Campus, TA Grant.  Mentor: Bauhaus artist, Rose Krebs (d.1989)
1971                                                                                                                         B.S. in Art Education - Hofstra University     
1970-71                                                                                                                    Art students League, New York, NY